We Are Fat

"Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, I am here to give you the unfortunate news that the current state of our union is… We are fat!" That is how I would begin my Presidential State of the Union address. Not that I plan on being president anytime soon but if and when I do, that is how I would start it.

Certainly I would not be telling a political lie or stretching the truth. One third of us are obese and one third of us are overweight. That's fully two thirds of the country that is too fat.
Today's Mini-Fridge
Having practiced medicine for the past 20 years, the weight gain of the typical patient has been the most noticeable change I have seen. Having been a human being the past 50 years it's hard to fathom how drastically our bodies have changed.

When I was growing up in the 1970s, it seemed that the typical adult male was about 160 pounds. If you were over 180 pounds, you were fat. I didn't know anybody over 200 pounds.

In 1985, the Chicago Bears had William Perry, one of the largest football players ever, play defensive line for them. He was so large that he was given the nickname, "The Refrigerator." "The Fridge" as he was known, was so fat that his belly hung out over his pants. He was obviously so much larger than any football player at that time.
Flash forward to today and The Fridge would be small compared to today's football players. The average lineman in the NFL, let alone most Division I college football teams, is well over 300 pounds.

Tipping the scales
Currently, in my medical practice, it's common to see a male over 200 pounds and even 300 pounds. I have patients in my practice well over 400 pounds as well.

This change in the American body has led to numerous medical problems most notably diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The change has been striking.
Yesterday's body is a thing of the past
Amazingly, this change has happened relatively recently. In 1960 the average male weighed in at 165 pounds. That same man now weighs 195 pounds. The average woman in 1960 weighed 140 pounds. Today's woman averages 166 pounds. In effect, today's woman weighs as much as yesterday's man!
Fact is, we all know we are fatter. It doesn't take fancy statistics or charts to show us. All we have to do is look in the mirror. But what caused all this? And what can be done about this? There is still significant disagreement as to how this happened and what can do about it. I have my ideas.

Dr. Jeffrey Blue, MD



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