Why having someone give you all the answers is not the best way to do things

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they just want an expert to tell them what to do to change something undesirable in their life. They think that someone out there has the magical formula that will work for them and that they just have to find it and then execute it.

This is why diet and nutrition books are so popular. If we could just find that one formula that we could plug ourselves into we will achieve all that we desire. This thinking is doomed to failure.
Whether it is, "Tell me what to eat" or "Tell me exactly how to work out and I will do it" or anything similar, the fact is that more than 95% of people cannot do this. The reasoning is simple: you are who you are and it is really difficult to change.

You are Your Actions

You have taken a lifetime to become exactly the person that you are today. Look at yourself in the mirror: you are the sum total of all of the things that you have done in your life. You have developed your own way of eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, thinking, and everything else that you do. These "habits" have resulted in... you! You know, that person staring back at you in the mirror.

Changing your ingrained habits is not going to be easy. You can do it but it's going to take time and a series of logical steps to change what you do. Changing your habits over time is the boy way to actually change the result: you.
Can you see what is happening here? Just throwing the answer at you probably won't make one lick of a difference. It's the process and not the solution you should be focused on. And I have seen this time and time again in practice. It is the reason for such a high failure rate.

Take One Small Step

So, what to do? It is best to focus on one thing to change at a time. As an example, ask yourself, what is the one best thing you can implement today that can help you lose weight? Maybe it is something simple like drinking more water, or no snacking after dinner, or removing sugary drinks from your day. Whatever that one thing is, just do that. And do it again and again until it becomes a habit.

Then tackle something else. And then another. You do this until you rebuild who you are. This is much more likely to lead to permanent change and the lasting success you ultimately want. Try it - what is that one thing you can do today and everyday that will change your habits and lead you down the path and never look back?

Still need help? I have been at this a long time and through my experience I have become pretty good at knowing what buttons to push on people struggling with this. Let me know if I can help.

Now, start with that first step!

Dr. Jeffrey Blue, MD


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