Why having someone give you all the answers is not the best way to do things

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is that they just want an expert to tell them what to do to change something undesirable in their life. They think that someone out there has the magical formula that will work for them and that they just have to find it and then execute it.

This is why diet and nutrition books are so popular. If we could just find that one formula that we could plug ourselves into we will achieve all that we desire. This thinking is doomed to failure.


The basic steps to performing a squat

Squatting is an age-old exercise that has been use for many decades, and continues to be one of the main exercises that people continue to do in the regular workout routines. Whether you're an Olympic weightlifter or an average Joe just looking to get in a little better shape than you were yesterday, squatting can be a great exercise to perform to get multiple health benefits. A few health benefits that are associated with squatting include: building muscle in the entire body, it is a functional exercise that makes real life activities easier, helps to maintain mobility and balance, and it can help increase your overall sports performance. However, if you cannot perform a squat correctly these benefits will be far from grasp. Knowing how to perform a squat correctly is the first step in gaining all the health benefits squats have to offer.


The battle between hot and cold

Movement is the key to life. We are constantly moving. Whether it is tapping our foot, walking to work, or running a marathon the body is continually in motion. Although, when we get into more complex movements like playing sports, or repetitive movment over a long period of time, there is a higher chance for injuries to occur. At some point or another everyone has, or will have, experienced some kind of injury. Whether it is a muscle or tendon strain, low back or neck pain, a sprained ligament or arthritis, it is all painful. When injuries happen, we wonder what we can do to make them fell better. Should I put some ice on it? Or maybe use that old heat pack that is sitting under the sink? Most might choose heat because the thought of ice leaves us with the shivers. But sometimes heat is not the answer. In order to make a more educated decision when choosing ice over heat let's take a look at what each does to the body.


What is Metablic Syndrome and how does it effect our bodies?

Everyone wants to live as many quality years as possible. In order to do so we need to prevent the one disease that will most likely shorten our lives: heart disease. Heart disease is the number one cause of death of men and women in United States and kills more people each year than all cancers combined.

The 4 major risk factors for heart disease are:

-Hypertension (high blood pressure)
-Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

There are many other secondary risk factors for heart disease, one of which is obesity.


The most basic rehab for the most common injury

One of the most common injuries we see patients for is the standard inversion ankle sprain.This kind of sprain is very typical for people playing sports, running or even just hiking. This injury occurs when the ankle joint turns inward and stretches the lateral ligaments of the ankle. Mild sprains usually are not too bad and have minimal pain and swelling and the person can walk without too much discomfort. A more severe sprain will cause excessive stretching or even tearing of one or more of the lateral three ligaments of the ankle. In this case there will be significant pain, swelling and eventually bruising noted around the ankle. In this case walking is often very painful and difficult. Most often a period of non weight bearing is required to allow healing and recovery to begin and not to disrupt initial healing.


One simple thing we can do to improve our overall health

We all lead busy lives, especially here in the heart of Silicon Valley. There are so many things that tie up our time including our families, our jobs, our friends, dinner parties, lunch meetings, and a whole slue of other time binding activities. With such extensive to-do lists that people find themselves facing every day, where does taking care of our health get put into the mix? So much of our time is consumed by doing things to help other people, but when do we make the time to help ourselves? What are you willing to do to improve your own health and longevity? What if I told you it was as easy as taking 30 minutes out of your busy day to do something for yourself?


The Importance of Getting Enough Vitamin D

When I was in medical school, I think Vitamin D was mentioned only once or twice.  As a new physician (a great number of years ago now), I really did not recognize its importance and never routinely tested Vitamin D levels in patients.  Later, after educating myself about this, I began doing so and was amazed at how many people had low levels. Here I was practicing in Santa Clara, California (next door to Sunnyvale - nearly 300 sunny days per year), and low Vitamin D levels are more the norm than not. What’s the deal?


Is your lack of a good night's rest affecting your weight?

Did you know that sleep can affect both your weight and your daily performance? Does this make you think... Am I getting enough sleep? Some of us like to wake up early to clean up the house and get things going for the day. Others like to stay up late catching up on their favorite shows or trying to get to the end of the chapter in the new thriller book. However, are all these things keeping you from getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night?


We Are Fat

"Ladies and gentlemen of the United States, I am here to give you the unfortunate news that the current state of our union is… We are fat!" That is how I would begin my Presidential State of the Union address. Not that I plan on being president anytime soon but if and when I do, that is how I would start it.

Certainly I would not be telling a political lie or stretching the truth. One third of us are obese and one third of us are overweight. That's fully two thirds of the country that is too fat.


Flu Shots


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