Medical Practice

We see patients for both family medicine and sports medicine, from age 3 to 103. Many of our patients are athletes, former athletes, or future athletes, and take an active role in their health. As such, we try to incorporate the disciplines of sports medicine – thinking right, exercise, nutrition, and medicine – into our practice in order to make you healthier and better.

Choosing a physician is a very personal matter. We think you will like who we are, where we practice, and how we deliver care. We expect to exceed your highest expectations.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy department is a key part of your success as a recovering athlete. Our programs are hands-on and individualized to your injury. We expect you to improve and get better and will push you to do so as fast as you are able. Our physical therapy rehabilitation modalities may include manual therapy, infrared light, ultrasound therapy, iontophoresis/phontophoresis, mechanical traction, vasopneumatic compression, hot/cold therapy, parrafin and a tailored home exercise program, amongst others.


At PTR Sports, our chiropractor department is trained to properly diagnose and treat low back, neck pain, and most sports-related injuries. At your first visit, you can expect to spend about 45-60 minutes for the initial evaluation, talking about the history of your pain and discomfort as well as beginning therapy. Therapy generally includes soft tissue work similar to a sports massage, spinal adjustments (when deemed necessary) and at home care/exercise rehabilitation. At our facility we believe in empowering our patients by making sure that therapy doesn’t end when you leave the office; we provide the tools for you continue improving their condition every day at home. Using this protocol, our patients show high levels of satisfaction and tend to heal faster than chiropractic encounters where only hands on therapy is utilized.

Santa Clara Office

1825 Civic Center Dr, Suite 25

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Campbell Office

221 E Hacienda Ave, Suite C

Campbell, CA 95008


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